Create Games Using Scratch

This is our most engaging book ever.  It teaches coding skills as kids create games.  The book walks the student through the creation of a game step-by-step.  Along the way, different coding concepts and principles are introduced.  In the end, the reader is able to create an amazing game and be ready to create many more.

Snap shot of a game your kid can create using Scratch.

Pong Game Screen Shot

Watermelon Catcher is another game your kid can Create using Scratch.

Catching Watermelons

Learning Coding through Games

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“Mum, you have to see this really cool game I coded in IT today. I created a drawing program that allows you to change the pen colour and everything!”

My ten year old daughter has been learning to code at school for the past year now. She absolutely loves it. After all, when you’re ten it’s really cool to see a code that you have created and written work as you intended it to. Hey, I would think that’s pretty cool even now and I’m 40-something!

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There’s no denying that computer science is essential to our lives. Technology makes our lives easier (most of the time!) and everywhere you turn you are surrounded by technology. From your TV to your phone to your car and smart home appliances.

At this stage I have no idea if either of my children will choose to work in a computer science field once they enter the workforce but I do appreciate that children need to understand the importance of computer technology and I think it’s helpful for them to understand how computer programs work, what code is and how it works because learning to use code is really cool and it helps kids develop important thinking and learning skills that have applications far beyond the reach of their keyboard.